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8. You won’t like me when I’m angry

Student by day, agent by night….


I think I have my worst day at work every. Well, not day but rather phone call. I work for a prominent gaming console company as a customer service agent and fielding calls for 8 hours straight about the same crap can get boring, but my last call tonight took the cake. This one asshole of a customer gets mad at us for charging his account when he didn’t have the available funds. Me, being the nice agent that I am, I tried to through the guy a bone and tell him that the bank may reverse the fee if you inform them it was a mistake and you will correct the problem. This dick head tried my patience by asking me to not only refund the fee, but give him free shit as well. I told him several times there was nothing I could do and when he asked to speak to a supervisor I hear him telling her that I said it was his fault and that I was rude to him and then he proceeded to ask her for free stuff as well.


Dammit, just because I work for a large company doesn’t mean we have shit to give away. And don’t lie about me to my supervisor, because your attempt to get me in trouble only leads to a pat on the back a “kudo” for dealing with you.


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