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9. Using what you have to your advantage

In an effort to make sure I make no mistake in my journey, I decided to start using all the resources available to me. I noticed that although I had the ability, I never took my study material with me. Looking at the thousands of apps on my phone, I ran across one that allows me to create flash cards from my study material. Honestly, I have never used flash cards a day in my life, but this app makes the process fun and simple, and honestly I just quizzed myself and I was really surprised at how much I had retained. So, take full advantage of the resources you have available to you and you can really surprise yourself


8. You won’t like me when I’m angry

Student by day, agent by night….


I think I have my worst day at work every. Well, not day but rather phone call. I work for a prominent gaming console company as a customer service agent and fielding calls for 8 hours straight about the same crap can get boring, but my last call tonight took the cake. This one asshole of a customer gets mad at us for charging his account when he didn’t have the available funds. Me, being the nice agent that I am, I tried to through the guy a bone and tell him that the bank may reverse the fee if you inform them it was a mistake and you will correct the problem. This dick head tried my patience by asking me to not only refund the fee, but give him free shit as well. I told him several times there was nothing I could do and when he asked to speak to a supervisor I hear him telling her that I said it was his fault and that I was rude to him and then he proceeded to ask her for free stuff as well.


Dammit, just because I work for a large company doesn’t mean we have shit to give away. And don’t lie about me to my supervisor, because your attempt to get me in trouble only leads to a pat on the back a “kudo” for dealing with you.

7. Mr. Skin

Getting back to what I’m supposed to be doing today, I spent quite a bit of time reading about skin. When I first read the first few paragraphs I didn’t think much of the topic, but it wasn’t until I began to understand the many functions and purposes of skin that I realized why skin care is a huge industry. So gents, pay attention to those commercials we always think are for the ladies, because clogged pores can really lead to some serious medical conditions.

6. The Anatomy of a Liar

Today has been more of the same; Work, studying, and the occasional game of call of duty. I’m not quite sure what happened, but while making flash cards for the muscles, I had a sort if epiphany regard my life and sine of the detours I’ve taken. The root cause I keep coming back to is that I lie….alot and it gets me in lots of bad situation. Why avoid what i fear when the punishment last nowhere near as long as the torture of keeping up with those lies.

5. Making it through

Often times I find myself at the point in an endeavor where I get bored. For as long as I can remember, I’ve found every reason in the world not to succeed and months or years later when I look back its always the familiar ‘what if…’. Assuming many of the people in the world are like me in this regard, I find it necessary to create my own motivation. Right now, I feel motivated by the strong desire to prove some people in my life wrong. For the time being its the fire that keeps me striving in every way to keep going and hopefully be the best Doctor I can be!

4. 3:30 am and still can’t sleep

Its been another long day here. Just got word that my ex made it to New York to start her internship at Mandy Coon. While I wish her the best of luck, the selfish part of mr wants her back here.

But on another more serious note, I started some reading on the lower portion of the human anatomy. Did you know that the muscles responsible for allowing you to form a 90 degree angle with your legs is the gluteus medius. Its all great stuff. Can’t wait to learn something else tomorrow. Until then Night Night.
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3. Another day, another… well nothing.

Well well well, bringing my day to an end. Laying in bed watching listening to Party Down on Netflix. Hopefully, I can get a good hour of reading in too before I hit the hay. Tonight should be all about the muscles of the arms. Kind of makes my night learning something!